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Paradigm Shift

Results are shown in income, personal relationships, your business. Results always tell the truth. You can’t escape from them. If... Read more ›

Ten Key Takeaways from Carey Lohrenz

“When everything starts to hit the fan; aviate, navigate, communicate.”  — Carey Lohrenz On this week’s Friday Partner Call, Xperience... Read more ›

Marcus Buckingham – Love Versus Loathe.

Recently, multiple Xperience leaders attended EntreLeadership. Xperience Growth’s Director of Coaching Kristen Williams brought one of her favorite lessons from... Read more ›

Freedom Compass with Michael Hyatt

Every day you put so much pressure on yourselves to be productive. You wake up dreading the to-do list and... Read more ›

Spend 15 Minutes with a $1.4 Million GCI Producer

No one else can smile your smile because it only belongs to you. — Barb Dopp Spend 15 Minutes with... Read more ›

Life Hacks with NFL Legend Peyton Manning

This week, Xperience leaders Holly Priestner, Carter Williams and Kristen Williams attended EntreLeadership. During our Partner Call, Holly shared learning... Read more ›

Behaviors & The Goldilocks Rule

James Clear sheds incredible light on behavior and what we can learn from successful people. Xperience continues to do deep... Read more ›

Eight Prerequisites for Influence

On this Friday’s Xperience Partner Call, Director of Expansion Katie Benson shared some powerful insights from a recent coaching session... Read more ›

Getting Gritty With It

Recently we all read the book, Grit: The Power of Passion of Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. Through her research, the... Read more ›

Spend a Few Minutes with a Luxury Icon

“We can achieve more together than apart … individuals and teams and teams with teams.”  — Jeannette Spinelli During Friday’s... Read more ›

The Control Circle

On this week’s Friday Partner Call, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez walked through a well-known coaching model, The Control Circle. We... Read more ›

Xperience Leadership

“Leadership: Teaching people how to think the way they need to think so that they can do what they need... Read more ›

Environment Matters More

The Invisible Hand We often study James Clear when we think about habits and building an environment that supports those... Read more ›

Tips from Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis is the author of the bestsellers Girl Wash Your Face and its predecessor Girl Stop Apologizing. She built... Read more ›

Interview with The Williams Team

 “Our success is determined by us and our ability to work hard and work smart.” — Carter Williams On Friday’s... Read more ›

The Mindset of High Performers

Michael Gervais has devoted his life to study both science and applied innovations of how people flourish. How we become.... Read more ›

Building your Database

Your database is your business. Building up the number of names in it and the relationship with those names is... Read more ›

Xperience Family Reunion

Last week, the Xperience Real Estate Team returned from Keller Williams Family Reunion where we joined 17,000 agents from across... Read more ›


  When you mention the word “risk,” most people immediately think of money. Starting a new business requires risk. Growing... Read more ›

Becoming a High Performer

There is an ever-persisting need for high performers. If we are going to survive the shift, we have to perform.... Read more ›

Family Reunion 2019

      Our focus is GROWTH — growing others, growing businesses and growing our “xperiential” lives! There is no... Read more ›

Self-Restraint vs. Instant Gratification

Psychologist Walter Mischel tempted 4-year old children with a marshmallow as an experiment to test one’s executive control. The rules... Read more ›

The 4 C’S with Geneva Feldman

“In the last 5 months Xperience has changed my mindset, focus and outlook. I have never been a better agent... Read more ›

The Bucher Group is now “Powered by Xperience”!

Xperience Real Estate is proud to announce that The Bucher Group is now “Powered by Xperience”! For more than two... Read more ›

Using Statistics to Gauge Consumer Confidence

Look at these 7 data points: Average days on the market New on the market Total available homes for that... Read more ›

Can Effectiveness Be Learned?

We learn from Peter Drucker’s Effective Executive that there is no “effective personality.” What all effective executives have in common... Read more ›


This expression has a naval origin dating back to the 1700’s. It was a call to action to have all... Read more ›

The Best of 2018

We appreciate our “friends of Xperience,” those who are on a growth path with us. As we begin the new... Read more ›

Chris’ 2018 Reading List

Bull’s-Eye: Brian Tracy Focus: Daniel Goleman Work the System: Sam Carpenter Zero to One: Peter Thiel Principles: Ray Dalio The... Read more ›


“It ISN’T what it is. It IS what you choose to make it.” — Chris Suarez   The end of the... Read more ›


It’s not enough to simply determine which activities and efforts don’t make the best possible contribution. You still have to... Read more ›


The market doesn’t care where you came from. The market doesn’t care what you have done or haven’t done. If... Read more ›

Grit and Hard Work

How did you show up this week? Grit is a combination of passion and perseverance. – Brendon Burchard Enthusiasm is... Read more ›

Intentional Living with John Maxwell

Intentional Living Everything worthwhile is uphill. Relationship.  Business.  Dream. No one accidentally goes uphill. The Problem?  We have uphill hopes... Read more ›


    Our organizational mission is to Build Xperiential Lives Thru Real Estate.  In order to live experientially it requires,... Read more ›


    Often, we don’t link the word contentment with the word growth…and anyone that has been around our group... Read more ›


      Motivation is overrated…environment matters more. Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior. People choose products... Read more ›


  In his book Atomic Habits, clear begins by defining what a habit really is. Atomic:  An extremely small amount... Read more ›


  What is the difference? STATED GOAL = the goal we say out loud, put on our 411, and STATE we... Read more ›


    Necessity is the emotional drive that makes great performance a must instead of a preference. As opposed to... Read more ›


    In his book The Right Stuff, Carter Cast states that motives are the source of all energy.  We... Read more ›


    In his book, The Common Denominator of Success, Gray says a common denominator is “a feature shared by... Read more ›

When a Stated Goal Becomes Real

 “A real goal is a goal you are willing to take the actions to achieve.”   Kim Woodlief, a Chattanooga... Read more ›

Welcome The Amanda Ponce Team

“We compared every single team and by far, Xperience was aligned completely with our goals.”– Amanda Ponce      ... Read more ›

Goal Setting vs. Fear Setting

“We suffer more often in imagination than in reality”– Seneca         Conquering Fear = Defining Fear Fear... Read more ›

Influential Language

Xperience partners were in for a very special coaching session on this week’s Friday Partner Call as Xperience Real Estate... Read more ›

Be the Hyperlocal Expert

The past few weeks, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez has shared coaching from Gary Keller about the shift. Gary says that... Read more ›


**Taken From**  Read the KW Blog post here KW INNOVATORS OFFER ADVICE THAT WILL DRIVE YOU FORWARD In our... Read more ›

The Temptation of Now

“I can resist anything except temptation.” — Oscar Wilde   On this week’s Friday Partner Call, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez dug... Read more ›

FOPO: Fear of Other People’s Opinions

Dr. Brene Brown inspires us to care less about what others think and shares how it will change our lives.... Read more ›

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