Chris’ Mega Camp AHA’s

As the real estate industry’s premier training and networking event for top producers, Mega Camp generates countless ideas you can... Read more ›

Winning the Week through High-Performance Habits

  With only 16 weeks remaining in the year — and as few as 9 that have the power to... Read more ›

6 Aha’s from Masterminding with Gary Keller

6 Aha’s from Masterminding with Gary In the Six Personal Perspectives, Gary Keller teaches real estate agents to “Make being... Read more ›

Top 10 Characteristics of a Great Innovator

“The characteristic of great innovators and great companies is they see a space that others do not. They don’t just... Read more ›

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

THE HARD THING ABOUT HARD THINGS ~ Ben Horowitz People ask me ‘what’s the hardest thing about being a successful... Read more ›

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