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Shift: Notes from a Meeting with Gary Keller

Last week, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez met with Keller Williams co-founder Gary Keller and other top agents. In this week’s... Read more ›

The Power of Moments

Xperience Real Estate is reading The Power of Moments. On this week’s Friday Partner Call, the team discussed chapters seven... Read more ›

The Power of Moments: Insights

  This month, the Xperience Real Estate Team is reading the Power of Moments. During this week’s Friday Partner Call,... Read more ›

Make Gratitude an Attitude

    Each week, Xperience partners start the Friday Partner Call by sharing gratitudes. This week, as the gratitudes were... Read more ›

Real Goals and The Expanded Business Plan

“Real goals require real systems. Stated goals require stated systems.” — James Clear 2019 is right around the corner and... Read more ›

Atomic Habits

Habits are the compound interest of self improvement.  The same way money multiplies through compound interest, the effects of your... Read more ›

Motivation is Overrated. Environment Matters More!

Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior. People choose products not because of what they are but because... Read more ›

The Power of Moments with Chris Suarez

After reading and being inspired by The Power of Moments, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez created content for a session at... Read more ›

Living Your Mission, Vision and Values

“We exist as a real estate organization and expansion team to live our mission to build xperiential lives.” — Xperience... Read more ›

Spent 10 Minutes with a Tenured Mega Agent

      Xperience Real Estate is proud to welcome a partnership with the Deldi Ortegon Group, led by Deldi Ortegon,... Read more ›


In 2018, Xperience Real Estate CEO and founder Chris Suarez selected the word CONTENTMENT to focus on for his growth... Read more ›

BOLD 100

“I am deathly afraid of spiders, appropriately cautious of clowns and it’s the squirrels you really gotta watch out for.”... Read more ›


This week, after teaching Expansion Systems Orientation at Keller Williams Realty International, Chris had the opportunity to spend time with... Read more ›

Chris’ Mega Camp AHA’s

As the real estate industry’s premier training and networking event for top producers, Mega Camp generates countless ideas you can... Read more ›

The 5 W’s of Expansion and the Virtual Brokerage

During Mega Leadership, John Davis shared the big news that Keller Williams is developing a Virtual Brokerage model to help... Read more ›

Winning the Week

“I can get up and do the work.” — Paul Wong On Xperience’s weekly partner call, CEO Chris Suarez highlighted... Read more ›

Winning the Week through High-Performance Habits

  With only 16 weeks remaining in the year — and as few as 9 that have the power to... Read more ›

Mega Camp Takeaways

“Everything Worthwhile Is Uphill.” — John Maxwell       As Xperience partners wrapped up an energetic week of training... Read more ›

Transcending Time-Wasting Tasks

Even the most successful people struggle with time and how to work without interruptions. In his bestselling book Time Traps:... Read more ›

The Xperience Guide to “Xperiencing” ATX!

Mega Camp is not only an awesome training and networking event — it takes place in an awesome city. The... Read more ›

Just DON’T Do It!

“If an opportunity isn’t a clear Yes, it’s a clear No.” — Chris Suarez As leaders grow and become successful,... Read more ›

Master TIME

“We win on the playing field of time.” — Chris Suarez The key to growing a big business and creating... Read more ›


The business world tends to prize characteristics like persistence and work ethic. Positive thinking, by contrast, is dismissed as ethereal... Read more ›

Keep Showing Up

As she approached the starting line for the 2018 Boston Marathon, Desiree Linden could have looked back on a series... Read more ›

Spend 20 Minutes with a Connected Mega Agent

Earlier this month, The Ricci Team based in Westchester County, NY and Fairfield, CT, announced it was partnering with Xperience Real Estate.... Read more ›

How Practicing Powers Production

“I actually feel like an agent now.” — Taylor Burrise Taylor Burrise became a professional musician at 11, started his first fashion... Read more ›

Spend 20 Minutes with a $2 Million GCI Earner

In May, the Charlotte Mabry Team based in Chattanooga announced it was partnering with Xperience Real Estate. After three decades... Read more ›

Why Decision Making is Important

Eliminating conflict and confusion by striving to be proficient at making decisions in your life is entirely possible. Effective decision-making... Read more ›

How the Mighty Fall – 5 Stages of Organizational Decline

It’s important to have respect for how easy it is to look back and identify why things went wrong with... Read more ›

6 Aha’s from Masterminding with Gary Keller

6 Aha’s from Masterminding with Gary In the Six Personal Perspectives, Gary Keller teaches real estate agents to “Make being... Read more ›

Partnering with Successful Teams: 3 Aha’s from Masterminding with Gary Keller

Partnering with Successful Teams: 3 Aha’s from Masterminding with Gary Keller One of the great benefits of being part of... Read more ›

7 Strategies to Bounce Back

Get back on track: 7 strategies to bounce back by James Clear There will always be days when sticking to... Read more ›

How Consistency Exponentially Increases Business

Last week’s partner call gave us the opportunity to hear from John-Robert McGilligan, an expansion partner in Eugene, Oregon. John-Robert joined Xperience after six... Read more ›

Top 10 Characteristics of a Great Innovator

“The characteristic of great innovators and great companies is they see a space that others do not. They don’t just... Read more ›

Price Ahead Of The Market

Shift Tactic #7 Pricing Ahead of the Market   There are only 3 ways to price:  1. Ahead of the... Read more ›

Leveling Up Your Leadership

Thank you for joining us on our Facebook Live “Leveling Up Your Leadership” below are the questions to ask yourself... Read more ›

Goals vs Systems

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOALS AND SYSTEMS What’s the difference between goals and systems? If you’re a coach, your goal is to... Read more ›

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

THE HARD THING ABOUT HARD THINGS ~ Ben Horowitz People ask me ‘what’s the hardest thing about being a successful... Read more ›

The Three C’s of Converting

 LEAD CONVERSION    Get to the Table   CAPTURE Its about capturing them as a contact. Am I being pushy?   People... Read more ›

The Common Denominator of Success

THE COMMON DENOMINATOR OF SUCCESS  The secret of every person who has ever been successful lies in forming the habit... Read more ›

6 Personal Perspectives

Thank you for joining your Facebook Live! Sign up below for weekly coaching emails and notifications about future events! 6... Read more ›

Lever of Loyalty and Reciprocity

We often carry a contempt for the imperfections of others; and we use those imperfections as a rationalization for disloyalty. ... Read more ›

Trade for Value

Success in sales depends largely on COMMITMENT. This is not a one way street and is non negotiable. There are several... Read more ›

Best of 2017 Coaching Call

This Week We Did A “Best Of 2017” Coaching Call Where We Revisited 52 All Partner Calls From The Year.... Read more ›

How Do You Win The Day?

When Feeling Overwhelmed or Stressed Ask Yourself: What are the 20% of activities or people that are producing 80% of... Read more ›

Why Entrepreneurs Choose Not To Grow

1. YOU DON’T WANT TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS. Their bills are paid and they don’t see a need to build... Read more ›

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